Happy 34th Phantanniversary

Happy 34th Phantanniversary This should be an amazingly happy post with the achievement that this show has brought and with everything that is going on. Each day we step further away from Phantom and hopefully to an new era but the limbo between is slowly chipping away at my heart. I look back as I’m... Continue Reading →

Cringewriting Part 2

This piece was more recent but it is one of the only short stories I have actually completed. It's no way copying or claiming credit of the three musketeers. It was just a little bit of fan fiction fun as I was and am obsessed with Porthos. I wanted to try writing something to do... Continue Reading →

The Lone Swift – 5 Stars!

5 Star reviews of the Lone Swift! Fast-paced, entertaining thriller ByRebeccaon 10 August 2018 This book is an entertaining read with loads of action. It comes across well-researched, and the descriptions of Venice make you feel like you're really there. The interactions between the characters are amusing, and you're kept guessing right until the end... Continue Reading →

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