An Honest Account of Starting A Career in The Environmental Sector

  When everyone is young, they love animals and get involved with saving the planet. Over time, this ambition dwindles but stays with some of those who want to have a career working outside or with nature. After school there are so many courses which put a positive outlook on the range off different careers... Continue Reading →

How do our cells defend themselves

When we talk about immunity it always discusses the various methods that our bodies have to fight off infections from our mouths to our veins? Virus’s are a fraction of a size of a cell. What happens when a virus makes it past the cell wall and attack the nucleus? What methods to cells have... Continue Reading →

Birds making the city their home

  This month birds are our species of choice to talk about. Birds are the most species we encounter on a regular basis. But there are so many of them and it can be hard to know which ones are suffering from the effect of habitat destruction and fragmentation. It is also not one that... Continue Reading →

Summer sea birds

What species and where to find them? Puffins These are small burrowing sea birds which visit Scotland every year. It has a colourful large bill and adorable personality. They visit the coast with cliffs with lose soil in which to burrow in. They raise a single chick or sometimes two. They feed on sand eels... Continue Reading →

The Bat season is upon us!

  You may notice the bats have started to emerge after hibernation. They tend to appear in late march when the weather picks up but can be quite choosy the first few weeks whether they can be bothered dealing with the low temperatures. Bats can live up to 15 years and spend 3/4s of the... Continue Reading →

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