Invasive plant Species: Know what to look out for!

  Invasive species are classed as non-native species which establish themselves within a new eco system. Like animal invasive species they have few predators and are often able to out compete other species. Taking up space and dwarfing other species. However, these plants can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to recognise them... Continue Reading →

Has an Otter been to visit?

Otters are one of the most common species in the UK water systems and one of the top predators. They are found throughout the UK but are often hard to spot. This is mainly because they have such large habitats. Some stretching as far as forty kilometres that it is often difficult to tell if... Continue Reading →

Why Badgers Don’t Hibernate

As the winter draws to a close, one of Britain’s most beloved animal starts emerging from their winter slumber. Badgers do no hibernate but may sleep for several days at a time and saving their energy for when the weather improves. February is when the badger cubs are born. . Badgers usually have 2 to 3... Continue Reading →

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