Plastic Ingestion In Scottish Sea Birds

Do we realise the full extent of the problem? As the BBC series Blue Planet 2 series highlighted last autumn, the greatest threat facing the wildlife inhabiting the oceans is floating plastic waste. Scientists have calculated that around 5 to 13 metric tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans each year. That is 10%... Continue Reading →

How to admire seals safely!

Seals are frequent visitors to the coastlines of Britain and Northern Ireland. They use a wide variety of different coastal habitats from sandy beaches to rocky shores. Britain’s seal populations are present all year round due to the rich feeding grounds. The two species of seal which inhabit British waters are the Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus)... Continue Reading →

Where do Badgers Live?

Badgers are fluffy and adorable creatures and one of the most elusive mammals which inhabit the British countryside. Badgers conservation is a source of conflict between land owners such as farmers to foresters. Badgers are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act (1992), meaning that they cannot be killed, injured or displaced without a licence. Despite this... Continue Reading →

What happened to Britain’s Water voles?

Water voles are one of the lesser known and rarely seen endangered mammals in the UK. Water vole numbers fell dramatically, more so than any other mammal  in the UK over the last 50 years. This was mostly due to habitat loss and destruction due to expanding and farming changes. Their decline was impacted further... Continue Reading →

The Protection of the Ythan seals.

The Ythan estuary is one of Scotland's lesser known nature reserves. The estuary sits around 10 miles north of Aberdeen. The estuary composes of a northern and southern sandy shores. The southern shore has rising dunes and a wide expanse of pristine sand. It is popular amongst locals for walks, angling and water sports during... Continue Reading →

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