Future Star of the West End: Ella Young



We are always following the classic singers of the west end. We have been following the stories of the likes of Ben Forster and Carrie Hope Fletcher and many more. But there is lots of new talent emerging and some future stars of the west end are already shining through. Today, I would like to introduce Ella Young.


I met Ella last week which attending Marisha Wallace’s masterclass (See article). Ella joined the group to demonstrate and get a little bit off feedback from Marisha. This girl’s voice is all power and drama. I didn’t think my computer was going to cope. I was blown away and so was everyone else in the class. I got such a strong feeling off her that she was someone special.


Ella posted her version of defying gravity on twitter on the 7th of May. Over night it became a viral hit being shared by Wicked UK and 9 to 5 on twitter. Her socials have blown up and she has made her mark on the industry. Her following has gone up like crazy in the past few days. What a voice! Check it out below;



Ella was lovely enough to respond and answer some exclusive questions for the page. Check out her reaction to the response to the video and her future aspirations.


What is your musical/acting background or experience? Have you trained anywhere?


I actually don’t have huge experience in acting, I’ve played Reno in Anything Goes and Clare in Made In Dagenham! I’ve been musical for as long as I can remember, I’m trained in violin and flute and have been singing religiously since about 13 years old. I am currently training at UWTSD in Cardiff in my first year of BA Musical Theatre.

What made you post the video and how did it go viral?


I’ve been posting little clips of me singing since about Christmas time, I did a cover of Memory from Cats and it blew up a little and then the hype died down. I’ve been asked to do Defying Gravity a couple of times so I thought it was about time! I could not believe the response! I guess it just goes viral from people sharing and then when Wicked UK shared it it just blew up!

How do you feel about the reaction?

I’m honestly so shocked at the reaction! I thought this would be the worst time for exposure but it’s turned out to be a great tool! Honestly the past few days have been slightly overwhelming if I’m being completely honest but in the best way! I am so grateful for all the lovely comments, shares and people that have reached out to me it’s so lovely. Wicked UK sharing it was definitely the highlight as it is one of my favourite shows of all time! I’ve seen it twice and hopefully many more times to come in the future!!

Do you intend to post any more videos and use it to try and get your foot in the door?


I will definitely continue to use social media as a tool to get myself out there! As well as filming videos being a great pastime during this pandemic. I hope my videos will continue to be seen as I’ve so enjoyed posting them and making them!


What would your top 5 west end roles be?


My top five west end roles would have to start with Elphaba, she is the dream and what I will continue to work towards in my training and after. I’d also love to play Fiona in Shrek sticking with the green theme, Judy in 9 to 5, Elsa in Frozen and anyone in Mean Girls or Avenue Q would be AWESOME!

What would your life look like ideally in 5 years’ time?

Ideally in 5 year’s time, I’ll be up in London living the dream! After my training I haven’t really made myself a clear plan but the overall goal is West End jobs. I really cannot see myself doing anything else and if I was doing a regular job, I don’t think I’d be a very happy person.

Anyone actors you follow or look up to?

There are many West End performers I admire. Alice Fearn is one of my biggest inspirations. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her a few times and along with being extremely talented she is also a lovely person. I also greatly look up to Luke Bayer, another person I have had the absolute privilege of performing with. He is absolutely lovely and such a star! Others are Matt Henry, Marisha Wallace, Amber Riley, Lauren Drew, Evie Rose Lane and a long, long list of other performers. I get so much pleasure out of watching theatre and listening to voices the list in endless!

Thank you so much Ella.

We will be following her future career very carefully and see how she grows as a performer and a signer. This girl is going to be something special! Check out her social media here!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ella.maii__/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EllaMai234



dfghWe will be finding talent throughout the UK and following their progression from the start to the west end and beyond. Watch out for some more stories coming soon.

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