Frozen the Broadway Musical


Frozen dominated the cinemas and our hearts when it was released in 2013. The song “Let it go” was apparently written and finished before the script was even finalised. This film with its incredible score was so popular it was everywhere for over a year. I think the parent grew to detest it as it was all their children wanted to watch or sing along too.

For the 2% of the population who has still not seen Frozen, unless you are under 5 that is unacceptable. The film is the story of two princess’s and one grows up to be queen but posses powers which scares her so she shuts herself off from the world. The film featured two adorable sidekicks in Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman. The show tried to demonstrate something more than love for a man and a woman but love between sisters. The twist in the fiancé becoming the villain was most unexpected and a twist unseen in any Disney film previously. The songs including “For the first time in forever, Love is an open door and Summer” were all hits from the show with Wicked star Idina Menzel singing out the powerful notes. It only took four years for this show to reach Broadway and two years later I was finally able to see it.



The show has a very diverse cast and only differs from the film script ever so slightly. I am going to warn you that I am writing with the intention of reviewing all the show so if you do not wish to read any spoilers please stop read or don’t complain! I was lucky to see the show with the original cast but the night of my visit, Kristoff, Hans, Olaf and Pappy actors were all leaving to move onto different projects but I managed to meet them afterwards. Ironically that was the night New York froze.

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Now let’s talk about the show. Instead of mountain trolls there were mountain people who possessed magic and the queen was descended from these people which explains where Elsa got her magic. The young Anna and Elsa scenes are much longer with new songs added in and Anna pulling hilarious gags. Pappay heals her after she is struck with ice. Instead of an old man, he is played by a buff, rugged man! (Fanning self). The show moves forward to introduce the new characters and Anna leads the way falling for Hans and providing excellent comedic timing. The music remains the same until Anna meets Kristoff and they sing “What do you know about love” which is a new addition to the score but suits the scene.

Let it go is the feature before the second half. The combination of different lines, special effects and lightening bring Elsa’s magic to life with an incredible costume change right before your eyes. The actress even takes the notes one step further belting them out at the top of her lungs. The second half has wandering oaken trading post. He sings the new song “Hygge” (hooga) which is priceless and has the whole cast dancing and singing in skin suits in a sort of comedic can can. It will leave you shocked and cackling.



Other songs like monster and true love make their way in which fill wholes in the movie and evoke more emotions in to the scenes. Monster would be one of the favourites out of the new set. It expands Elsa’s point of view during the siege of her ice palace, but she decides to do the right thing and try to bring back summer. The show is filled with technical brilliance, costume designs and special effects. But the thing that makes it is the puppetry. Sven is a man in an animatronic suit in control of the whole thing. I got to talk to him at the end and it sounded incredibly complicated but he did a marvellous job. Olaf is performed by a puppet with the actor singing behind. He gets Olaf spot on with his nature and comedy. Unfortunately, this one was of the actors leaving and would be replaced by a woman which would be interesting to see.



Overall, I was blown away by this musical adaptation. It is clever, beautiful and the actors go beyond to sell the performance. Elsa is cast perfectly and Anna is priceless. I think Pappay (Timothy Hughes) was my favourite however because I just fell instantly in love with him and I got to meet him after. He had to crouch right down to get a photo with me!!


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