The Sarcastic Post Brexit Travel Guide

Step 1: Wait for covid to be over or get the vaccine.

Step 2: Update your passport to the new tory colours so that you will be allowed out of the country.

Step 3: Apply for a visa to visit the continent you were born a member of and your citizenship taken away by choice.

Step 4: Actually, get travel advice because the NH111 card that you never brought anyway might not be valid.

Step 5: Have no idea really what the rules are because the whole thing has been such a massive fuck up anyway.

Step 6: Accept that most people are fed up with the whole thing and probably hate your guts. Unless your Scottish, Europeans like us.

Step 7: Still not bother to even try to use the accent cause your too entitled too and narcissistically except everyone to speak English anyway.

Step 8: Boast about Brexit and see who cares or if you manage to keep your balls.

Step 9: Look at the community which you have turned your back on, ruined your economy, let a bunch of arse holes in charge.

Step 10: Come home burnt and complaining about how expensive things were because the pound has lost its value.

Step 11: Think before you vote idiots and don’t complain about it in the future.

Sorry I’m in a mood!

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