Ratatouille – The TikTok Musical

For the sake of the charity I won’t be using images so please visit the site to book tickets! https://ratatousical.com/

Unless you really pay attention to the twitter circuit then the news of the online TikTok musical created called Ratatouille based off the famous Disney film may miss your radar. This is an entirely original musical which started from a ten second video turned into an incredible crowd funded piece. They have composed the musical to create the first online musical in support of the American Actors who have suffered from hardship and the musical was streamed and raised over a million dollars on the first night. The show is available to stream with a donation of what you can to the support charity.

The music is composed over a range of different musicians overlaying giving a whimsical feel and just a little touch of the Parisian music you can imagine when ever you think of France. Remy introduces himself and opens up with a really sweet song about the inspiration of cooking while introducing all of the characters. The funniest part is when they have Gustav singing that anyone can cook which inspired Remy to go on with his adventure. Gustav is just as you an imagine him! What a wonderful opening song of anyone can cook!

Remy tries to convince his family to stop eating garbage and go for the nice food that is in the kitchen. But Remy’s father sings about making treasure out of trash. He literally talks like the rubbish is the best they can get while subtly telling him that it is the safest way to live. He turned Remy into the poison control but he still pursues his instincts to find the right tastes by going into the woman’s house. But then the lady wakes up and causes him to get lost in the sewers.

Chef Gustav appears in his hour of need but it’s slightly terrifying and one of the original TikTok videos but he tells Remy to go up to Paris. Gusteau really had me laughing because he freaked me out in the imagination. Remy starts singing Rat in Paris singing through his journey of going into the restaurant and fixes Linguini’s terrible soup. Woops got distracted and now back to it! Remy sings about how he is going to be the different and prove to the world that he can do it and open his open restaurant.

I love that the lead chef is being played by a woman with the classic tiny moustache being drawn on! Together Remy and Linguini come up with the plan to cook with Remy inside of the hat working together to show that anyone can cook with the reprise. The Linguini actor has it bang on. He looks exactly like the TikTok man who dresses up with his father as the critic and Linguini.  The actress who plays Collete has one of the best French accents in the show and she maintains it through an amazing performance of how to cook.

The montage of Remy and Linguini trying to workout how to cook together is pretty hilarious with the actors layered on each other. The finish the numbers showing the pressure that they are under but they finally sort themselves out and create the new recipes. Suddenly while on a break Remy’s brother appears in the street. His brother wants to get the scraps from the restaurant and starts singing about the beauty of trash that gives me the actual boke.

However, I have no idea who this actor is with the eyeliner and mohawk. Emilie that is his brother’s name. He is HAWT. Singing the “Rat’s way of the life” is such a cute song with all the little rats dancing in the background of the video. It’s a little pop musical which brings the energy up of the show. The show flashes forward to a few weeks later and they are an amazing pair but Linguini is getting distracted by Collete with his awkward flirting which is bang on character.  They skip right through the love story with Remy looking bored but Linguini is proven to be the son of Gusteau inheriting the restaurant.

Right before Ego arrives the two chefs take a break while Skinner is out for revenge and takes the rat while singing. But the whole family of rats show up to get scraps from the restaurant. Linguini’s discovers the rats and kicks them out while Skinner is watching from the side-lines. If he can get rid of Remy then Linguini will be shown as the imposter. Throughout this there is an incredible jazz number with some incredible TikTok dancing in the background. Skinner is going to take them down.

Ego sings about his life as a critic and the journey that the Ratatouille takes him on. His revelations come through with the new phenomenon of the rat being the finest chef in France. Which thinking back on is a big revelation based on a vegetable dish. The little Remy’s reprise shows the whole collaboration of the cast and the TikTok inspired contributing to the show. IT’s such a warm ending to a cute little musical which I would never have expected to appear. But out of the darkness of last year the light has already shone in this little musical.

I have not included any screenshots because I think it is important for you too see this show for yourself online.  This is only available for mere hours so go and watch it as soon as possible! Contribute what you can as it is going towards a good cause and this is an amazing show. I hope in the future we can see more musicals like this. Maybe even the one I was working on. Also, I realised now in the credits Emilie was Adam Lambert and Remy was Tituss Burgess! Ahhh. Get online ASAP and get your tickets!!

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